Moist Heat Eye Mask

Air-Activated for Convenient Eye Relief

Experience dry eye relief on the go

Treating dry eyes has never been more convenient

Designed to quickly heat up, Eyedration maintains an optimal temperature to enhance your eyes' natural hydration.

Eyedration is air-activated, eliminating the need for a microwave or cord. Simply open the package, and the mask’s natural ingredients will automatically heat to the perfect temperature.

Developed by Eye Doctors

Moist Heat Lasts Up to 20 Minutes

Helps Relieve Irritated Eyes

Travel Friendly

Single-use masks are perfect for traveling, relaxation or bed time.

Easy Activation

The air-activated mask heats up on its own within minutes. No microwave or electricity needed.

Relax & Unwind

Worn over the eyes, the mask gently heats the eyelids externally, helping to increase oil production.

Eyedration Moist Heat Eye Mask

Top Layer

Breathable, light-reducing non-woven layer that protects your eyes.

Steam Layer

Iron powder, activated carbon, water, inorganic salt, and vermiculite.

Bottom Layer

Skin-friendly, non-woven layer that rest comfortably on your eye lids.

Ear Straps

Comfortable micro-elastic, non-woven ear straps.

Watch Dr. Beck Explain How Eyedration Can Benefit Dry Eyes

Effective Heat, Moisture, and Hydration for Dry Eye Relief

Eyedration is a convenient, air-activated eye mask that heats up without a microwave, gently warming the eyelids to increase oil production and reduce tear evaporation.

  • Heats up on its own within minutes
  • Suitable for any face shape or posture
  • Helps to relieve eye fatigue and dark circles


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