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At-home Dry Eye Treatment

The NuLids™ device helps clean the eyelids and stimulate meibomian glands in just one minute.

What is NuLids™?

The Nulids system helps to gently stimulate and rejuvenate the Meibomian glands, and can be an effective alternative treatment for dry eye disease.

NuLids is a FDA Registered, highly effective once-a-day at-home treatment device specifically designed to reduce the signs and symptoms associated with blepharitis and dry eye.


Gently cleans and massages eyelids.


1 Minute per day, 30 seconds per eyelid.

Featured on Doctor Eye Health

In this video, Dr. Joseph J. Allen from Dr. Eye Health Channel does a Nulids review and shows how to use the device.

Benefits of Nulids

Cleans Eyelids

Helps clean the eyelids and get rid of dead skin oils, bacterias or mites that could be living on the surface of your eyelashes.

Stimulates Glands

This process can also help agitate and activate meibomian glands to release oils onto the surface of your eye

Easy To Use

The NuLids System is easy-to-use and only takes one minute to complete treatment for both eyes. The device is compact and cordless.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products