The Eye Doctor Tea Tree Oil Lid Wipes for Daily Hygiene and Dry Eyes (20ct)

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The Eye Doctor Tea Tree Oil Eyelid Wipes are the perfect addition to any daily eyelid hygiene regime, and can be used to help soothe painful or irritated eyes due to conditions like MGD, Blepharitis, Dry Eye Disease and Demodex.

Made of 100% biodegradable material, they contain a unique and effective formula designed to clean your eyelids at home or on the go, so you never have to compromise your eye health.

Directions for use:

  1. Wash hands thoroughly before touching the wipes or your eyes.
  2. Remove wipes from the sachet and open fully.
  3. Close your eye and wipe from the nasal corner, outwards across the lashes, removing debris and bacteria.

The Body Doctor Tea Tree Oil Eyelid Wipes are suitable for:

Those looking to incorporate daily eye care into their regime, as well as those suffering from eye conditions such as MGD, Blepharitis, Dry Eye Disease & Demodex.

Unique ingredients include:

TEA TREE OIL - used around the world for it’s natural antibacterial properties, tea tree oil helps to control natural oil levels on the skin and cleans excess meibum in the eyelids.

ARGAN OIL - has skin conditioning properties and is high in vitamin E and fatty acid content, argan oil is an ideal ingredient to give skin a natural boost.

MICELLAR WATER - a gentle cleanser and make-up remover, micellar water removes dirt and debris without drying the delicate eyelid skin, keeping them clean and hydrated.

COCONUT OIL - Another natural skin conditioning ingredient which soothes the skin and has antibacterial properties.

Recommended by Dr Hilary Jones.

"Cleaning the eyes with Tea Tree Lid Wipe is excellent for sweeping away debris from the eyelids and lashes. Good quality tears operate best when a thin layer of oil lays over the tear surface. This seals the tears preventing excessive evaporation. The oil comes from the glands in the eyelids. Daily eyelid hygiene is a key step in preventing various eye complaints and irritants."


  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Unique and effective formula
  • Contains Tea Tree Oil extract
  • Suitable for conditions such as MGD, Blepharitis, Dry Eye Disease & Demdex

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