Optase MGD Advanced Dry Eye Drops Preservative-Free 2 Month Supply (300 drops)

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Optase MGD Advanced Dry Eye Drops is a perservative-free lipid microemulsion eye drop which relieves symptoms of dry eye such as discomfort and burning sensations.

It may also be used as a protectant against further irriration associated with dry eye.

OPTASE MGD Advanced Dry Eye Drops contains Glycerin.  Glycerin is a humectant (moistening agent) that comes from plant sources.  Glycerin reduces the damaging effects of high osmolarity on the ocular surface of the eye.

Glycerin and other natural compounds protect both the surface of the eye against cell damage and assist healing.

MGD Advanced Dry Eye Drops is a product with no Alcohol, no preservatives and no ingredients of animal origin. 

MGD Advanced Dry Eye Drops can be used with Contact Lenses.

Manufactured with the proprietary DEMET microemulsion technology, the MGD solution is a clear solution with no need to shake the bottle.

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