Optase Dry Eye Intense Preservative Free Eye Drops 2-Pack

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OPTASE Dry Eye Intense drops, 10 mL

What it is: OPTASE Dry Eye Intense drops uses a unique preservative free formulation for moderate to severe dry eye. The quality of the ingredients contain zero preservatives making the product available for use frequently throughout the day. Providing long-lasting relief from intense Dry Eye symptoms.

About OPTASE Dry Eye Intense(PF): OPTASE Dry Eye Intense drops uses advanced formula that delivers osmo-protection using a water-rich shield that protects the surface of the eye. This formula works by bringing the water in your natural tears to the surface of the eye reducing evaporation and increasing eye comfort.


  • Preservative free and Phosphate free for frequent use without irritation
  • Advanced long-lasting formulation for comfort and relief
  • Can be used with contact lenses
  • Advanced bottle technology means it can be used for 3 months after opening
  • Value for money with 300 drops per bottle


  • Put one or two drops in the affected eyes as needed.


Glycerin 0.2%, Purpose: Eye lubricant. Inactive ingredients, Hydrochloric acid, sodium hyaluronate, sorbital, trometamol, water

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