Noveha Anti-Demodex Eyelid & Lash Wipes for Blepharitis and Dry Eyes (60ct)

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  • BATTLE DEMODEX WITH EXTRA STRENGTH CLEANSING WIPES: We’ve got the solution for battling Demodex! These hypoallergenic eye wipes will soothe, pamper and clean your eyes. Provides immediate care and relief for Demodex, MGD, Blepharitis, stye eyes and other mild to severe eye irritations.

  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS THAT WORK: Our science based formula contains key ingredients to help eliminate Demodex. The first is Tea tree oil, which deeply penetrates the skin and cleanses it while killing mites associated with Demodex and other eye inflammations. Another key ingredient is coconut oil which is excellent due to containing lauric acid that kills mites. Also, we added aloe vera and cucumber extract to soothe, calm and naturally moisturize your sensitive eye area.

  • MOISTEN, CLEANSE, REFRESH: Our Demodex wipes help ease strained and uncomfortable eyes, while moistening and gently cleaning the whole eye area, leaving your eyes refreshed and feeling better and helping you fight Demodex easily and gently. Excellent for cleaning debris, dirt, and oils that are left on your eyes and lids for the ultimate daily eye hygiene.

  • SAFE & CONVENIENT: Made with non-irritating ingredients, these uniquely textured wipes are safe for everyday use as part of your Demodex elimination daily routine. You won’t get any burning sensation because it’s gentle on even the most sensitive skin. Individually wrapped so that you can refresh your face, cleanse your eye on the go, and can be used for both your eyes and facial skin. No need to wash off!

  • BACKED BY SCIENCE, RECOMMENDED BY DOCTORS: Our eyelid wipes undergo meticulous inspection for safety and quality, and are recommended by doctors. It’s time to start treating your eyes like they really deserve. Click ‘Add to cart’ and order your very own NOVEHA Demodex eye wipes TODAY!

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