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NovaWipes, 1 Box Contains 30 Wipes What it is: Eyelid wipes are specifically designed for use when applying Avenova Antimicrobial Eyelid and Lash Cleanser. Soft, absorbable multi-layer dry wipes provide the comfort you can feel, perfect for use on irritated eyelids. Strong, durable, professionally woven, and will not pull apart like cotton rounds or cotton balls. Instructions: * Take out a dry wipe and unfold. 2. Wrap wipe around the index finger. 3. Spray Avenova onto the wipe until moistened. 4. Close one eye, and use a horizontal motion to gently wipe the base of your upper eyelashes at least 3 times. 5. With your eye open, look up and gently wipe the base of your lower eyelashes with a horizontal motion at least 3 times. 6. With a new clean wipe, repeat the same process for your other eye.

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