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NovaWipes, 1 Box Contains 30 Wipes

What it is: Eyelid wipes specifically designed for use when applying Avenova Antimicrobial Eyelid and Lash Cleanser. Soft, absorbable multi-layer dry wipes provide comfort you can feel, perfect for use on irritated eyelids. Strong, durable, professionally woven, and will not pull apart like cotton rounds or cotton balls.


  • Take out dry wipe and unfold. 2. Wrap wipe around index finger. 3. Spray Avenova onto the wipe until moistened. 4. Close one eye, and use a horizontal motion to gently wipe the base of your upper eye lashes at least 3 times. 5. With your eye open, look up and gently wipe the base of your lower eye lashes with a horizontal motion at least 3 times. 6. With a new clean wipe, repeat the same process for your other eye.

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