I-Lid ’n Lash Plus (60 wipes) Tea Tree Wipes for Demodex

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I-LID N LASH PLUS Pre-Soaked Wipes, 60 Per Canister (2 Month Supply)

What it is: A lid and lash cleanser formulated with 5% Tea Tree OIl. One easy daily application will remove ocular debris which helps enhance the effectiveness of tear lubricants. Cleans and hydrates in one simple step.

  • Water-based, gel-soaked wipes for cleansing and hydrating.
  • Contains hyaluronic acid
  • 5% Tea Tree Oil
  • Minimal irritation of eyelids

About: Gentle, non-irritating formula cleans and removes ocular debris and eye makeup while hydrating the skin. It helps to maintain lid and lash health and enhances the effectiveness of artificial tears. The addition of a daily eyelid hygiene regimen to a treatment based on tear lubricants helps restore corneal health, allowing the eye to function normally. Contains hyaluronan (natural moisturizer) and 5% tea tree oil.


  • Apply a moist, warm compress to eyelid to loosen encrusted debris and secretions.
  • Gentle rub eyelid and eyelash roots with the pre-moistened I-LID N LASH® PLUS wipe in a circular motion until debris is removed.
  • Do not rinse. Any remaining I-LID N LASH® PLUS will continue to cleanse and hydrate the skin.
  • Repeat as needed for the second eye using a clean wipe.

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