Cornea Care Self Heating Warm Compresses for Dry Eyes (30ct)

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About this item

  • PERFECT EYECARE | CorneaCare’s Self Heating Warm Compress is formulated to relieve eye dryness, redness, irritation, burning, itching, blurry vision, pain, tearing, puffiness, light sensitivity, discharge, and crusting or flaking of your eyelashes.
  • SIMPLE, YET SOOTHING | Our Self Heating Warm Compresses contain just four simple preservative-free ingredients; Purified Water to clean & hydrate the eyes and eyelids, Activated Charcoal that heats up automatically, and Hydrated Minerals & Inorganic Salts to sustain the warmth. When combined, they create a soothing and therapeutic warm eye compress that brings fast relief.
  • HOW TO USE | No microwave needed! After washing your hands, sit or lie down and remove the heating eye mask from the packet. Close your eyes and place the white side of the mask over them, using the ear loops to keep it in place. Focus on relaxing while the mask self-heats, and leave it on for 10-15 minutes while listening to your favorite music. When finished, rinse your face with water or cleanser (if desired) and dispose of the mask in the trash.
  • BACKED BY DOCTORS | At CorneaCare we take pride in the quality of our products; our warm eye compresses are informed by scientific research, supported by patient experience, and backed by our eye doctors.
  • ADDED SKINCARE BENEFITS | Our heated eye mask hydrates and provides gentle warmth around your eyes, leading to soft, moisturized and healthy skin.

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