Clear Care Triple Action Cleaning and Disinfecting Solution with Case, Twin Pack, Multi, 12 Oz, Pack of 2

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Clear Care with lens case is ideal for anyone looking for a daily cleaning and disinfecting solution for contact lenses.

Clear Care is the #1 doctor recommended hydrogen peroxide solution on the market.

The exclusive Triple Action Cleaning formula and unique case, provides the perfect clean for sensitive eyes.

This gentle saline solution offers a complete neutralization of peroxide which imitates natural tears. Clear Care uses hydrogen peroxide to kill harmful germs and bacteria that can be found on contact lenses, helping prevent eye infections.

The cleaning and disinfecting process allows the solution to penetrate the lens to provide a deep clean, while the bubbling action helps to remove protein deposits and other foreign materials.

Let the lens soak for 6 hours or overnight to allow the peroxide to neutralize and help avoid eye irritation when inserting the contact lenses.

Clear Care is preservative-free, which means no chemicals will touch the eyes and cause irritation.

Store the lenses in an unopened Clear Care lens case for up to 7 days and discard the old solution before using again.

After the lens has been cleaned, make sure to get rid of all excess solution that is left in the case.

Clear Care can be used with both soft and rigid (RGP) lenses.

Clear Care’s vision is to be the most trusted leader in eye care and looks forward to continuing the trend of bringing the best new contact solutions and rinses to their patients around the world. Never reuse this solution

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