Barristrong Skin Cream for Dry Eyes and Irriated Eyelids (1 tube) Cold Shipped

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Soothe your irritated eyes and skin from the outside in with Barristrong. Inspired by Nobel Prize-winning science, this powerful cream moisturizes both your skin and eyes simultaneously.

Why Choose Barristrong?

If you’re bothered by dry, irritated eyes or sensitive skin, Barristrong is for you. 

Users consistently report being able to cut back on eye drops when using Barristrong. Plus, the cream delivers critical nutrients – including omega-3s and powerful antioxidants – to your cells, leaving your skin feeling refreshed, hydrated and supple.  

How to Use

Apply a thin layer to your clean, dry face in the evening. Add a pea-sized amount to the base of each nostril to open the nasal passage and improve the cream’s effectiveness. Do not put Barristrong directly on the eyeball.

Care Tips

Store in the refrigerator – Barristrong does not contain preservatives.

Notes from the Doctors who Invented Barristrong

 A decade ago, I came across a paper about omega-3s and UV-light protection. I wondered, “If I put Omega Cure directly on my skin, would it work as a sunblock?”

The question led to an afternoon of sunbathing, covered in fish oil. It didn’t go well. But the experiment got me thinking – what if we created an omega-3 skin cream instead?

The benefits of omega-3s depend on dose. So I knew that if we could deliver omega-3s directly to a sensitive skin area, it could potentially provide more relief than ingesting the oil alone.

We kept developing the cream, combining our potent Omega Cure with other ingredients known for their skin benefits. The feedback we got from users – about their transformed skin and improved eyes – astonished us. We’re now proud to share Barristrong with you.


Does Barristrong Contain Any Fragrance?

Barristrong is made with eucalyptus and rosemary extract, which give the cream a light herbal scent. These ingredients were chosen for their anti-inflammatory benefits and antioxidant power, not for fragrance.

Barristrong does not contain any synthetic fragrances.

How Long Does A Tube Last?

Barristrong is easy to spread. Five to six pea-sized drops are usually enough to cover the face and the base of each nostril. Applying as noted one time per day will make the 15ml tube last about one month.

How Makes Barristrong Different From Other Skin Creams?

Barristrong has an incredibly high omega-3 content (omega-3 oil, coming from our Omega Cure, is the second ingredient on the label!).

Every ingredient in the formulation has also been tested and found to help strengthen the skin, mucosal and eye barriers.


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