Keratograph technology helps the doctors gather essential information needed to correctly diagnose and treat Dry Eye Disease.

How does Oculus Keratograph 5m work?
The Keratograph 5m has multiple scanning capabilities that are non invasive and go deep into the eye and eyelid. The scans that are performed include:

TF Scan also allows the doctor to asses your Lipid (oil) content of your tears, which plays a very important role in quality tears.

Assessment of the Tear Film Break-Up Time
The patient is asked to blink and hold their eyes open and the device measures automatically where the dry spots develop.

Meniscus Tear Height
Assessment of the Tear Film Quantity
This lets the doctor know how much Total Tears are on the eye at any given time.

This allows the doctor to view the Oil glands on the upper and lower eyelids. With this data, your doctor can determine if specific treatments are required to maintain or improve your gland function.

How it works

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