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Discover Your DryEyeQ

To start improving your eye care, understanding your DryEyeQ is key. Your DryEyeQ is a quick and easy way to assess your dryness level and help you determine your appropriate starting level of treatments. It's based on the SPEED Questionnaire, an tool designed to measure dry eye severity accurately. Head to the DryEye Rescue website for a 90-second assessment that reveals your DryEyeQ. 

The SPEED Questionnaire evaluates how often and how intensely you experience dry eye symptoms like dryness, grittiness, and eye fatigue. Honest answers help tailor your results down from over 500 available treatments. A low DryEyeQ suggests mild dry eye, manageable with lifestyle changes and over-the-counter products. A high DryEyeQ indicates a need for professional treatment.

With your DryEyeQ in hand, you can better discuss your symptoms with an eye care professional and tailor your eye-care routine. You can also track your DryEyeQ to help you determine if your dry eye symptoms are getting better. This assessment is a first step toward addressing dry eye symptoms with personalized care.