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What it is:
Do you have bumps on your eyelid margins? Demodex collarettes? Use this incredibly handy brush to gently scrub them away in seconds.


  • Scrubs away capped meibomian glands in seconds
  • Cleans up collarettes from demodex
  • Maintains meibomian gland & eye margin health
  • Clean, healthy DIY home care
  • Works like a micro "toothbrush" to remove biofilm buildup
  • Suggested Use:
    Place 1 drop of your favorite oil or spray onto a dry brush head. With eyes carefully opened or closed, gently scrub the base of the lash. Repeat on all eyelids. Use a 10x magnification mirror as needed. Rinse off with your favorite foaming cleanser.
    After each use, wash with Foaming Cleanser. Rinse thoroughly with water, dry with a clean towel, and leave to air dry.

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