Purifeyed Eyelid and Face Cleaning Oil All Natural(2oz/15ml)

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Purifeyed was designed to help patients remove oils and debris from the face and eyelid areas that cause irritation and inflammation.

Indications: Blepharitis, Demodex, Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis, Dry Skin, Itchy Eyelids, and Dry Eyes.


Best results when used 2x/day.  

Morning: Apply to clean face. Rub entire face, including eyelids.  Allow a few minutes to fully soak in.

Evening: Apply to clean face and allow to soak in.  Can be used to Remove make-up by applying a few drops to a cotton ball to remove debris and irritants. Reapply if needed after make-up has been removed.


Lipotonin: Relives Inflammation

Seabuckthone Oil:  Helps wrinkles and moisturizer

Carrot Seed Oil: Natural Sunscreen

TeaTree Oil: Decrease demodex and controls bacterial growth.

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