PRN nūmaqula Vitamin - AREDS2 Based Formula with Unique Enhancements - for Advanced Macular Support (90ct/270ct)

Size: (90ct 1 Month)
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FORMULATED BASED ON AREDS2 recommendations (vitamins, antioxidants, and carotenoids) along with unique enhancements like B-Complex (specifically B6, B9, and B12) as shown in research to support the tissues of the eye, specifically in the retina.

Superior Proprietary Blend: Includes a full B-complex (B6, B9, B12) and the natural form of vitamin E, antioxidants, lutein, zeaxanthin, and carotenoids, which are metabolized and absorbed efficiently; AREDS 2 supplements are useful for extensive eye care.

Safe and Effective: PRN products are manufactured in an NSF-certified and cGMP-compliant facility and each batch undergoes third-party testing for purity and safety.

Enhanced Ocular Health: PRN provides specialty omega and vitamin products and nutritional supplements which are recommended by doctors in order to support the long-term ocular health of their patients;

Moreover, they contribute beneficial support to the eyes, joints, bones, cardiovascular system, and more

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