Optase Dry Eye Kit (C) Heat Mask, Cleaning Gel, and Intense Drops

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The latest research indicates that the treatment of Dry Eye Disease and other related ocular surface disease is best managed using a regimen of hot compress, eyelid hygiene and lubricating drops. The OPTASE ® Dry Eye Kit combines innovative OPTASE ® products to provide a comprehensive HEAT CLEANSE HYDRATE approach.


  • HEAT: OPTASE ® Moist Heat Mask -- HydroBead ® Technology releases a natural moist heat onto your eye lids. Reusable and washable, it tackles both the symptoms and the causes of dry eyes.

  • CLEANSE: OPTASE ® Cleansing Gel -- The gentle concentration of Tea Tree Oil and Pro-Vitamin B5 is soothing for tired, dry, and sore eyes.

  • HYDRATE: OPTASE ® Dry Eye INTENSE Drops -- Unique Preservative free formulation for moderate to severe dry eye. Provides long-lasting relief from intense Dry Eye symptoms.

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