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Black Currant oil is very high in an essential fatty acid called GLA (gamma-linolenic acid). GLA is very difficult to get in the typical diet. GLA is a natural anti-inflammatory that also promotes healthy skin, hair and nails.  Black Currant oil is also high in Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA) a plant-based omega 3. Fortifeye Black Currant Oil has 140mg of GLA in each gel cap!

There is science-based evidence that GLA a derivative of Omega 6 has potential positive benefits for the dry eye patient. Many large dry eye centers have used 140mg of GLA combined with rTG form Omega 3 with great success in their dry eye clinics.

The typical Standard American Diet (SAD) is a pro inflammatory diet that creates many health issues among our population. It is too high in omega 6 fatty acids and too low in omega 3 fatty acids thus creating inflammation in our bodies and eyes.  The SAD diet is filled with processed sugar, saturated fats and highly refined carbohydrates.   The team at Fortifeye Vitamins recommends everyone adjusting their diets to an anti-inflammatory diet like the Lange Survival Diet to quell the inflammation in the eyes and entire body. Here is a link to this diet :

Not all omega 6 fatty acids are created equal.  Linoleic acid and Arachidonic Acid are pro inflammatory and GLA is anti-inflammatory.  However, it is very difficult to get the required amount of GLA in our typical American Diet so supplementing with a good GLA supplement is a great benefit.

The body converts GLA to Dihomo gamma linolenic acid (DGLA) that is a precursor of the anti-inflammatory Prostaglandin PGE1.  PGE1 supports the production of a healthy tear film.

Studies indicate that GLA works synergistically with EPA from Omega 3 fish oil to further enhance the anti-inflammatory effects.   The Omega 3 helps to block the inflammatory effects of arachidonic acid as it converts to pro inflammatory prostaglandin PGE2.  The combination of a good Omega 3 like Fortifeye Super Omega or Fortifeye Super Omega 3 Max with Fortifeye Black Currant Oil/ GLA really helps to reduce inflammation in the eyes and entire body naturally. This combination is being recommended and used by doctors around the world.  Fortifeye Advanced Dry Eye Therapy has taken all of this science and combined it into one complete supplement.

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