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Focus Relief Plus® provides 1620mg of re-esterified triglyceride (rTG) Omega-3 fatty acids per day with over 90% EPA and DHA, a higher concentration than other leading supplements.

What is rTG Fish Oil and Why?

Because fish oil naturally contains a lower concentration of EPA and DHA, two types were developed to deliver higher levels of these beneficial nutrients in fewer doses—ethyl ester (EE) and re-esterified triglycerides (rTG).

Based upon one of the largest, independent studies conducted recently, as well as input from our customers, Focus Relief Plus now utilizes the rTG form.4 rTG takes the synthetic EE form of omega-3 and converts it back to its natural triglycerides (TG) form. This not only allows the delivery of concentrated omega-3, but ensures that absorption is optimized. Additionally, the added bioavailability benefit of rTG fish oil, though conflicting studies exist, outweighs that of an EE fish oil5 and is preferred by the majority of ophthalmologists.

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What is GLA?

The Omega 6 GLA has gained recognition over the last few decades for its anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer actions. Some key findings from controlled clinical trials include:

  • In arthritics, several trials report that GLA reduced inflammation, symptoms, and the requirement for NSAIDs
  • In inflammatory dry eye, GLA improved symptoms and reduced inflammation; in PRK patients, GLA relieved symptoms, and increased tear production and clearance; in Sjögren’s patients, GLA eased ocular discomfort by reducing inflammation and increasing tear content of PGE1
  • In diabetics, GLA improved nerve conduction velocity leading to improved blood flow and reduced tingling of extremities
  • In patients with acute lung injury, GLA along with EPA improved gaseous exchange
  • In breast cancer patients, GLA improved the effectiveness of tamoxifen, reduced side-effects, and hastened therapeutic response
  • In uremic pruiritis, a common problem in hemodialysis patients, topically applied GLA relieved symptoms (Abreu, 2017)
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