EyeGiene® Starter System (1 mask & 10 Pair of Inserts)

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Lightweight, NO-Microwave Instant Heating wafer which inserting into the mask. Optimal Heat for MGD for 15-25 minutes. Perfect for Sleeping and Treating at the same time.

The EyeGiene® Insta-Warmth System™ applies calibrated warmth to your eyelid, opening the meibomian gland and thinning the oil. This facilitates flow and stabilizes the natural tear film, allowing the tear film to function normally.

  • CONVENIENT, EASY TO USE, & EFFECTIVE DRY EYE RELIEF – use anytime, anywhere, without need for microwave, hot water, or stove (no mess or fuss)
  • Helps relieve discomfort of EYE FATIGUE and computer EYE STRAIN
  • SOOTHING, COMFORTABLE HEAT THAT LASTS. It feels like a spa treatment for your eyes!
  • SAFE, NATURAL TREATMENT FOR dry eyes, blepharitis, and styes. FDA reviewed treatment invented by board-certified ophthalmologist.
  • REUSABLE Eye Mask and 10 disposable Warming Wafer pairs

EyeGiene® began with a simple vision: providing safe and natural relief to sufferers of dry eye. Board Certified Ophthalmologist Barry J. Linder MD, MS, knew the benefits of heat therapy as a treatment for dry eye disease but realized it was not an accessible option to all patients. Dr. Linder set out to address this problem with the creation of the EyeGiene® Insta-Warmth System™.

Our system is uniquely portable and convenient, allowing patients to experience precision heat therapy without needing to boil water or use of a microwave. Today, patients all over the world find dry eye relief through the EyeGiene® Insta-Warmth System™.

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