Acuicyn Antimicrobial Eyelid & Eyelash Hygiene

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Antimicrobial Eyelid & Eyelash Hygiene

Acuicyn Antimicrobial Eyelid and Eyelash Hygiene removes encrustation and debris, to help manage red, inflamed, itchy eyes.

Available in 40 mL and 80 mL

Contains Pure Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl)

  • Antimicrobial in solution
  • Breaks down biofilm in 30 seconds
  • Maintains HOCl stability and efficacy for 90 DAYS

Safe to use on skin around eyes

Not all hypochlorous acid (HOCl) solutions are created equal

Acuicyn™ is manufactured in partnership with Sonoma Pharmaceuticals, the first company to stabilize high-quality HOCl to be used as a prescription or physician-dispensed solution across a range of therapeutic spaces with over 10 million patients treated.

Don’t be fooled by others who claim to have superior HOCl solutions. Acuicyn’s original HOCl formulas have been continuously improved over time and have set the standard of quality, stability and efficacy.

Acuicyn™ formula contains pure hypochlorous acid, and is an FDA-cleared antimicrobial products.

What are the key clinical benefits of Performance Stabilized HOCl (hypochlorous acid)?

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is a compound that is produced naturally by Neutrophils in the inmmune system to eradicate microorganisms. HOCl immediately relieves itch and pain, kills bacteria and breaks down biofilm, does not sting or irritate skin and oxygenates the cells in the area treated assisting the body in its natural healing process. The Performance Stabilized HOCl has been formulated to deliver maximum benefits safely throughout the life of the product.

Breaks Down Bacterial Biofilm

Biofilm formation is recognized as a serious problem in chronic wound infections. HOCl has antibiofilm activity and actively breaks down biofilm and kills microorganisms within the biofilm. Biofilm characteristics include:

  • Complex structure of microorganisms that generate a protective shell, allowing bacteria to collect and proliferate
  • Most microorganisms that form biofilms found growing in microbial infection

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