How Does MGD Expression Work?

The procedure for meibomian gland expression involves applying pressure to the eyelids to express the glands and squeeze out the oils. Our Dry Eye specialists use tiny forceps or paddle-like instruments to compress the lower and upper eyelids. The eye doctor places the Mastrota between the eye and the inner eyelid, parallel to the glands. Then, he or she uses a finger or a cotton tip to apply pressure in the outer eyelid.

How Effective is Meibomian Gland Expression?

Successful meibomian gland expression helps increase the quality of oil production of the glands and decrease dry eyes symptoms. Patients usually only need a single session, but you can benefit from regular treatments. Your eye doctor can diagnose if you need additional procedures. He or she can also teach you how you can do meibomian gland massage at your own home as a long-term MGD management.

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